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Do You Really Need Nutritional Supplements? Gotu Kola, since it is eaten by elephants, renowned for their longevity, it became custom in India and Sri Lanka, that for long life one must consume several leaves of the Gotu Kola plant each day. Traditionally Goldenseal was used to cure high blood pressure, fever, ulcers, etc. It was also believed that Gotu Kola plant was a potent aphrodisiac. It is said to decrease complaints from about 80% of varicose vein patients. Gotu Kola as a supplement may produce benefits as an anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring agent (topically applied), anti-stress, circulation and varicose veins. The statements which appear on the web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information on this web site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information found on this web site is accurate, please note that some information may be outdated by more recent scientific developments. The information presented on the web site is meant as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. vitamin and supplements information

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Writing Covered Calls Allows You To Make Money 3 Ways 1) If the stock goes up to the exercise price and is called (bought), you make the difference between what you paid for the stock and what you received for the stock (the exercise price), Plus the money you received for the option. 2) If the price of the stock stays below the exercise price, you will make the money you received for the option, Plus you will retain the stock and you can then sell another option and increase you cash flow even more. 3) If the stock goes down less than the premium you received for the option, you will make the money you received for the option and you will have lowered the cost of your stock by the amount you received for the option. Compare this with if you had just purchased the stock and Not written an option - there is only One way to make money - the price of the stock would have to go up and you have no down side protection. The advantage of this software application is that the investor (you) only need to fill in the blanks to determine your annualized return based on the inputs you provide. You then have the opportunity to make the decision as to whether the return on your investment meets your requirements. covered calls

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A year ago Milwaukee Brewer fans looked forward to opening the 2000 baseball season at the new Miller Park Stadium. The stadium design incorporated 5 retractable roof sections that spanned the entire stadium. Each retractable panel was designed to rotate open from a pivot behind home plate. The erection plan called for large roof sections to be assembled beyond the outfield walls. After assembly, each roof section would be hoisted as a single unit, swung over the outfield walls and set into place above the stadium. By midsummer the left field roof sections had been erected without incident. On July 14th, a section of the right field roof was scheduled to be set in place. On that afternoon, the crane with 560 foot of boom, began to hoist and swing the 400-ton roof assembly in to place. As the load cleared the right field wall, the crane boom collapsed. The crane boom and suspended roof assembly fell over the right field stadium wall, partly inside and partly outside the stadium. Three workers fell to their deaths. After the initial investigation, Brandenburg was retained to develop and implement a removal plan and to subsequently remove damaged portions of the crane boom and roof structure. The job entailed multiple and conflicting objectives. Ongoing investigations by the owner's representatives, government agencies and insurance adjusters were to continue as the removal work progressed. Damaged structural components were to be identified and removed as quickly as possible. However, work was to be performed carefully to avoid additional damage to structurally sound components which remained under and adjacent to the collapsed structures. Before work began, it was necessary to assess the condition of the tangled structures and to identify the structurally sound areas from which Brandenburg's people could stage the removal work. Despite numerous delays to accommodate continuing investigations, Brandenburg removed 1,200 tons of twisted and damaged steel in less than 8 weeks. This removal was completed without injuries. The remaining structures suffered no additional damage. industrial demolition and remediation

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Carol specializes in life-purpose and soul-mission astrological readings.  She uses the astrological birth chart as a tool, along with the training she has received and the gift of empathy she was born with, to "read" a person's past, present and future. In her work, Carol refers to past life patterns and the soul's unfinished business to focus on Why we are here; Where we are headed; and What keeps us repeating the same patterns over and over. Personal readings provide an understanding of one's personality and hidden aspects of the psyche, and reveal early psychological influences and one's emotional needs and fears. Carol's forecast of yearly transits reveals the "bigger picture" in one's life, and how to prepare for and take advantage of upcoming opportunities. astrology and dream interpretation

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CRC Internet Services provides web site hosting, design, and creation. The use of the internet and the World Wide Web by businesses is growing at a tremendous rate. Let us help you promote your business and web presence so you can profit from this growth with your own web site. 'By 2003, the number of Internet users will rise by 33% worldwide, compared with 23% in the U.S., with the number of Internet shoppers growing 47% worldwide, compared with 28% in the U.S. The number of Web pages will increase by 75% in the same time period', IDC predicts. Features of CRC-Internet Services No new equipment to buy Multiple T3 Internet connectivity Unlimited data transfer (up to 4 GB) Free Technical Support Domain Name Searching & Registration Unlimited POP Email accounts FTP Access CGI binaries CGI and Java Libraries Daily Tape Backups Password-protected directories E-mail Autoresponders Free SSL secure processing through secure Certificates Cybercash(tm) support Website statistics and logs and 99.9% site uptime. systems installation

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Submitting your home listing to the database is a great first step to finding the exchange of your dreams, however, there are several things you can do now to increase the chances of someone choosing your digs for their next home away from home vacation. Add pictures to your home listing. Listings with pictures get more responses, it's a fact. You may add up to Six pictures to each listing, free of course. Throw in some pictures of yourself if your like, it's fun to see the faces behind the listings. We're always looking for new photos for the "Featured Home" section on the home page of digsville - this is great PR for your listing! Local digs - These are short stories of  your home towns (big and small) - from an insiders point of view.  Local digs are a part of our permanent reading collection, so the PR will never cease. Read the others to get inspired. Post a Classified in the Forums - tell the community just when and where you want to go. Want to describe your own digs so you'll have offers rolling in? Go ahead. The boards belong to you, have a party. Tell a Friend - The more people worldwide who know about home swapping and digsville - the more offers we'll all have to travel far and wide. Keep your listings updated and informational. Be sure to check the dates and destinations you want to travel. Something new at home? Add it to your listing. The more you tell about your home, neighborhood, and who you are,  the more comfortable others will feel about making the initial contact. home exchange club

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Emerge was formed to meet the growing need for organizational development and human resources consulting in companies creating and managing change in their organizations. Just as companies engage in financial due diligence and legal due diligence to explore merger compatibility or feasibility of any type of internal change such as restructuring, Emerge works with corporate leaders, organizational development professionals and human resources staff to examine the "cultural components" of businesses. Our systemic approach for evaluating organizational culture and providing long-term solutions, positions Emerge as cutting edge in the industry. We offer a unique new process called Cultural Due Diligence (CDD). This process allows leaders within organizations the ability to: 1.) Analyze their organization's culture, 2.) Develop an action plan for moving forward; and, 3.) Implement the plan and keep it alive. This proprietary four-phase process (see Cultural Due Diligence and Cultural Congruence Process chart) can be applied in a company by Emerge personnel or by other external or internal consultants who are trained and certified by Emerge. The CDD process and all supporting educational programs and tools for certification have been developed. The process also includes a customized company Internet/Intranet - based Cultural Health Index. cultural due diligence

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The Tower in the center of this display is a 12' Box Tower that's formed by using a standard frame at 90 degree angles. This shows the flexibility of the frame.  It can be the building block for all kinds of shapes. Just let us know what you need...we'll create it for you. You can also see that the panels appear to be a wood finish. You'll have the choice of many textures, fabric or a full mural, to give your display a unique look.  You can have panels that look like  marble, granite, wood, metal, etc....the choice is yours. By now you can see that this display gives you the easy set up and light weight of  a portable while giving you a unique custom look.  Others will think you spent a mint for your "custom" display...only you'll know how little it cost.  The best part... you'll still have money in the bank because your price will be far less than other alternatives. convention setup

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Staying in a real home provides you with choices. It's a kitchen when you crave scrambled eggs at 2 a.m. or the convenience of a laundry room when your toddler has gone through three outfits in one day. Perhaps after a hectic day of sightseeing the last thing you want to do is get dressed for dinner. We were sold long ago, and developed a wish list of what we wanted to see on the web to facilitate this incomparable way of seeing the world. And so we proudly present to you, - the global home exchange community. Of course, the reason people join a home exchange club is to find a great place to stay and to receive lots of handholding as you pass through the stage of newcomer to veteran exchanger. Quick Note - Once you spot your "dream" listing, it's time to make the initial contact. At the bottom of every home listing you will find a form to make it easy and stress free. All you have to do is fill in when you're interested in travel, a short personal note if you like, and your offer is on its way. travel and vacation information

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Public Relations: Our expertise in real and cyber marketing public relations includes everything from placing national and international features across all media to creating and running large contests and cross marketing promotions, planning and executing industry and public events, trade show representation, ghost writing, satelite media tours, video news releases etc. Our most basic online PR package consists of: *Working to develop a newsworthy topic for public relations to trade media *Addressing trade media not only in your industry but also in the industries you serve via direct e-mail, Business Wire and the Internet News Bureau *Personal follow up to editors to enhance placement public relations

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Log files contain valuable information to improve your site. You can see exactly where visitors come from, what direction in your site they take, and what decisions they are making. This is a marketer's dream! Log files are interpreted through logfile analysis software which condenses the raw logfile data into understandable weekly reports. Stats software allows you to see, at a glance, how many people visit your site, which sites or search engines they come from, how long they stay, which pages they visit most, from which pages they leave the site, even what keywords they used to find you on the search engines and much more. To take full advantage of statistics, it is sometimes helpful to consult with an experienced person who can interpret the results and suggest improvements for your site. Remember, the keys are to Make use of your website's log files Use a host with good stats software Get someone to interpret those numbers for you search engine optimization

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Sheila Tobias first wrote Overcoming Math Anxiety in 1978. In her updated version, published by W. W. Norton in 1994 (and in paperback in 1995), she enlarges on her analysis of the attitude and approach variables that interfere with students' performance in college-level mathematics. Their problem, she finds, is not a failure of intellect but a failure of nerve. Above all, she challenges the notion that "math anxiety" is a disability. "Math Anxiety" can be overcome. Her second book, Succeed with Math, tells teachers and students (college age and older) how to approach mathematics and master it without anxiety. Her books and her talks are particularly pertinent to the issue of access for minorities and women. She brings a video tape of a math anxiety session along. books and talks

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The Science Master's is a Professional M.S. degree in science or mathematics for students interested in a wider variety of career options than provided by current graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. Open to bachelor's degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, or engineering, the new self-contained Professional M.S. degree programs prepare students for work in fields such as consulting, banking, insurance, research management and technology transfer. The New York-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has helped launch new M.S. degrees at 17 American universities with strong graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. These programs consist of two years of training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area. Many include internships and "cross-training" in business and communications. master's degree program

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The Tucson Symphony Orchestra will perform a concert for your group - perhaps for their "welcome" or "final" dinner. These concerts can be a repeat of a program on the current Tucson Symphony Orchestra calendar, or a program tailored specifically for your event. These concerts might be a mix of light classics and Pops, sure to please everyone in a diverse group. Such programs could include the "William Tell Overture," "Olympic Fanfare" and music from "Star Wars" by the popular John Williams, music from the "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Weber, and favorite tunes by Duke Ellington. symphony

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Based in Tucson, Arizona, Daniel M. Vance & Associates, is a leading service provider in the Tucson and greater Tucson area of turn-key systems dealing with local area networks, project management, Internet and web technologies. There is tremendous potential for profit on the Web. Entrepreneur Magazine listed Internet Consulting as the top new business opportunity of the decade. With millions of businesses rushing to get a site on the web, it's easy to see that they were right. We can help you establish your web site including web hosting, domain name registration and more. networking consultants

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We are the oldest Free Stuff site on the Internet and are glad you came by. With the help of our visitors, we continue to add more new features and continue to grow. You are invited to e-mail any ideas that you have for the site to me at Below you will find links to all the sections and some paragraphs explaining what you will find within each section. We have a service which will notify you from time to time of news and special offers in various categories which match your interests. As an added incentive, every mailing list reader is getting FREE CD-ROM software and a chance to win $10,000,000. Yes, I said 10 million dollars. The CD-ROMs are full version software titles. Click here to get this great resource. All messages are moderated, and always on topic. We just added another great item to our site. The Free Stuff Catalog is a catalog store where all the items are free. From software to ink to music to cell phone attachments and 100s more things. All free. You just pay the shipping and handling charges. International orders are accepted. As you probably know is located in Arizona. In fact we are currently in first place in the Arizona Reporter's poll for the "10 Most Innovative Web Sites in Arizona" award. If you would like to vote for us, e-mail your nominations to and help us win. We love to give back to the community and sponsor may local events, such as all the Wednesday night home games of the Tucson Sidewinders. free stuff

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