CyberAnalysis Clinic   Birminham, UK
Online psychotherapy and counseling by a professional psychiatrist using chat, videophone, telephone. Let us help you solve your problems from the location of your convenience. The ability to provide professional live one to one counselling over the Internet is facilitating the personal development and enhancement of individuals all over the world. The CyberAnalysis Clinic is the world's first online counselling and assessment facility staffed by medical professionals - doctors and nurses trained and registered in the UK and the US. The Chief Clinician is Dr. Russell Razzaque, who was trained at the Royal London Hospital Medical School and is currently a member of The Society of Clinical Psychiatrists of the UK, The Royal Society of Health and The International Society of Mental Health Online as well as being an accredited member of The Associated Professional Counsellors. online psychoanalysis

El Paso Orthodontics   El Paso, TX
Orthodontics is not age restrictive. Our practice includes patients of all ages. We have seen children as early as age five and are treating adult patients in their sixties. As a rule, the earlier a problem is treated, the more options there are available for treatment. Although teeth can be straightened at any age, growth and development of a child's face and jaws can be used to enhance treatment goals. We recommend seeing children at seven or eight years of age and encourage adults not to wait until either pain or embarrassment forces them to seek care. Modern orthodontics provides treatment that is more comfortable and also more cosmetically discreet than in the past. Dr. Novick prides himself in using the latest and most effective appliances available. There are several types that we will show you, including clear ceramic, mini braces and invisible retainers. Reasons for seeking orthodontic care are varied. We find most people want a smile that makes them feel good about themselves, and a bite that is comfortable and healthy. Dr. Novick has had a lengthy and specialized education in dentistry and orthodontics. He attended the University of Texas at El Paso for undergraduate studies and continued his professional education in Houston, earning a doctorate in Dentistry in 1974. After seven years in the practice of general dentistry in El Paso, Dr. Novick returned to Houston for two years of post doctorate training at the University of Texas Dental Branch, where he was awarded a Certificate of Orthodontics in 1983. His education does not stop there. Dr. Novick is a firm believer in the benefits of continuing education for both himself and his staff, and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. orthodontics

John W. Day Orthodontics   Tucson, AZ
Even though Orthodontics is generally associated with the teen years, the best time to start treatment is an individual thing and depends entirely on what type of problem you may have. If the jaws are out of line, treatment should begin early in life (7 - 9 years) while the jaws are still growing. Early treatment moves jaw bones and chewing muscles into position to correct the bite. If only the teeth are out of line, you may wait until all the permanent teeth are in (11 -12 years). The important point is to schedule an Orthodontic examination as early as possible. Today, more and more adults are seeking Orthodontic correction to improve their smile and their oral health. The only way to know for sure is to visit a qualified Orthodontist for a thorough examination. Before initiating any program to correct malocclusion, the Orthodontist will examine your child's dental and medical history as well as his or her teeth, jaws, joints, face and profile with X-rays and other precise measurements. The Orthodontist will pay close attention to how your child bites and swallows. After a thorough examination, the Orthodontist will explain the details of your child's particular bite problem, which appliances will best correct the problem and when will be the best time to start treatment. If your child's teeth do not close properly, that is, some teeth touch but others do not, chances are that your child will benefit greatly from Orthodontic correction. However, an examination with an Orthodontist is the only way to be certain. It is important to determine as early as possible whether or not your child needs Orthodontics, because poorly aligned teeth trap food particles which will cause tooth and gum disease. Worse yet, a child who is unable to chew properly due to teeth which need straightening will not be able to digest food properly so his or her nutrition and hence, their entire health and development will suffer. braces

Parent Kids Right   Tucson, AZ
ParenTips provides busy parents with commonsense advice, skills and strategies for everyday parenting. These skills and strategies WORK, not every time with every child, but often enough so you will see a difference in your child's behavior. You will feel happiness and a deserved increase in parental pride; you are getting it right! The content of this entire web site is provided for educational purposes only. It is NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical care. ALWAYS consult your physician or childcare expert if you have any questions concerning yourself or your family's well being. ParentKidsRight does not make any warranties of any kind, either express or implied with respect to the accuracy of its content. child raising guide