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JoBa Unique Gifts   Port Charlotte, FL
JoBa Unique Giftware offers distinctive hand made Ironwood sculpture at reasonable prices. The JoBa Gift Shop Assurance of Customer Satisfaction: *You may return any item within two weeks of delivery. *Refunds will be in the form of original payment less shipping costs. *Handmade pieces may vary slightly from those pictured. *Most items are available for immediate shipment, within one week. However, due to the hand-crafted nature of our merchandise, occasional items may require up to 6 weeks. Since 1987, JoBa Unique Gifts has maintained a tradition of highest quality and reasonable prices, leading to our proud record of customer satisfaction. We want to make your visit to JoBa Gift Shop an enjoyable shopping experience. There is no obligation to buy and it's simple to change or cancel your order at any time! ironwood figurines

Officewares Dot Net   Tucson, AZ
Officewares Dot Net offers low prices on a large selection of desks, computer stands, office organizers, file cabinets, lamps and more for your office and home office. Look for office desks, ladder desks, computer desks, computer carts, computer stands, bookcases, CPU stands monitor stands, desk lamps, lamps, floor lamps, lighting, desk pads, desk organizers, office organizers, bulletin boards, file boxes. file cabinets, file carts, coat trees, storages boxes. office desks

Joseph Stubbs Creations   San Francisco, CA
Professionally exacting templates for everything from business cards to video box casings. 143 templates for the most common formats bound for press, all initially on master pages. Here's what you can expect: Announcement style envelopes and cards, commercial style envelopes, Avery label sheets, business cards, 2, 3, and 4 panel brochures with creep adjustments for various folding styles, audio cassette, video cassette, compact disk, book, newsletter, Rollodex cards, ZIP/Syquest labels, templates for easy dingbat reference pages, and more. Useful templates created by a designer for designers. Trims are always registration color. Multiple impositions wherever standard page sizes allow with a 4-up maximum. templates for Quark Xpress

Overcoming Math Anxiety   Tucson, AZ
Many highly intelligent people avoid mathematics, and are ill-served by that avoidance... Sheila Tobias' book is addressed to people, especially but not solely women, who have been damaged by... [the] presentation of mathematics, and consequently think they are "dumb." For mothers who want to pass on 'math mental health' to their daughters. If we can control our anxiety by recognizing its symptoms and coping with them, we can go far. How far do we want to go? Not far enough to become engineers or mathematicians, perhaps. But surely far enough so that our fear of math no longer makes decisions for us. If the problem for many people in learning math is translating something they do not understand into language that makes sense to them, the presence of other people much like themselves will help immeasurably. Math isn't done instantly. Successful students of math will read through a math problem many times and only then settle on a course of action. There is rarely just one right way to get an answer. In fact, the more interesting mathematics comes from thinking about how else one could have solved a problem. And as for mistakes, once students get over the trauma of making them, mistakes can be "interesting." books concerning math anxiety

Spruce Goose   San Carlos, CA
Looking for educational books? Learning important skills and developing good habits can be fun, but sometimes locating that perfect book, game or activity in a particular subject area is not easy! That's why The Spruce Goose developed our four learning series to help you locate items based on areas of interest. With the Discovery series kids learn that to discover is to find delight... Beyond pure information, this section opens up new possibilities to children about their external world and about themselves. Or the Skill-Building series where kids find that academia never looked so good! While readin', writin' and 'rithmetic are certainly the cornerstones of education, through our special books and games, the Goose makes it meaningful, fun and yes, memorable. With the Habits & Behavior series, kids learn personal habits, relating to others and taking care of oneself can never be developed too early. And finally, the Global Connections series helps kids understand that We are the World is no longer an abstract concept. At the Spruce Goose we are different! For over 40 years we've been working with educators, parents and kids to find children's products that are meaningful and enjoyable. We feel we have finally found the most wonderful books, games, activities, toys, videos and cassettes we've ever seen, and have created a web site to share them with you. These products don't go in and out of style. They are classics, designed to be as interesting and exciting to a child today as they were 10 years ago and will be 10 years from now. children's books

Stoklos Photos   Tucson, AZ
Michael Stoklos is a full-time assignment/stock photographer; a can-do, get-in, get-out gonzo photojournalist who loves environmental photography. Specialties: Desert plants and landscapes, dramatic lightning and sunsets, people and lifestyles of the Southwest. Credits: Magazines / Newspapers: Arizona Daily Star, Arizona Highways, Fortune, National Enquirer, New York Times, Outside, People, TIME, and more than 60 industrial / trade magazines. Advertising / Corporate: ADOT, Biosphere II, Blackstar Photo Agency, CH2MHILL, General Electric, Honeywell, IMT, Kodak, Kragie / Newell, Nikon, Vermeer. Quote:"I enjoy all aspects of photography, from the chaos of covering presidential campaigns, to the calm of sitting on a mountaintop waiting for lightning or the sunset." photography

Sun Lotus Jewelry & Art   Portland, OR
The Meaning and Symbolism of the SGI's Juzu Beads: The prayer beads are a religious implement used during gongy˘ and daimoku as one expresses, through heartfelt prayer, her appreciation for the Three Treasures of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Law, and the Priest (or the gathering of followers of Nichiren and Nikk˘). In the days of Nichiren Daish˘nin, prayer beads had only two tassels on either end. Later on, however, another tassel was added at one end of the beads used in Nichiren Sh˘shű. beads and jewelry

The Back Solution   Tucson, AZ
Arching the back reduces stress. Some studies have even suggested that this effect can reduce stress on the lower back by 50%. In the process it provides mild, passive exercise of the ligaments, tendons and musculature that surround the abdominal cavity. As a result it permits a better supply of blood to flow to all parts of the body, by utilizing the pull of gravity in different directions from those we experience in a normal upright position. The arched position places beneficial pressure on the lower back that tends to separate the vertebrae, freeing up the nerve channels that flow from the spine to help restore the blood supply to connective tissue and the organs. Arching also induces a spreading or "fanning" of the rib cage to produce more vital functioning of these organs. Finally, the backwards arch places gentle tension on the front part of the body, which can be highly beneficial in cases of constipation and other intestinal complaints. products to relieve back pain

Vetritalia   Irvington, NY
Vetritalia Glassware and Ceramics is a new direct importer of hand-blown crystal, glassware,handmade ceramics and wine accessories. We deal in hand-blown products from the Italian region of Venice, legendary in the art of glass and ceramics. Vetritalia features a line of hand made products priced well below other major sellers of comparable products. (Compare us to sites such as www.riedelcrystal.com to see for yourself.) We also carry a line of reduced lead fine crystal for greater safety anddurability. We invite you to browse through our brochure to view our products and see the tremendous price advantage. Venice is a traditional home of hand blown crystal. Venetian artisans have been hand-blowing glass and crystal for thousands of years. Our handblown stemware and decanters are made from reduced lead crystal that adds strength and durability while retaining clarity and delicate appearance. Our magnums are striking not only in their fineness but in their generous size. Italian glassware and crystal

Vitamin Lab   Long Hill, NJ
Direct from manufacturer sales of high quality and low priced nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants and more. At VitaminLab.com our supplements are of the highest quality. And by eliminating layers of brokers and middlemen we can pass incredible REAL Savings and Unmatched VALUE on to you. The Internet is empowering consumers. Most retailers fear this. At VitaminLab.com we embrace it and tailor our Website to provide you with every advantage the Internet can offer a consumer. We hope you feel empowered being a VitaminLab.com customer. VitaminLab.com's manufacturing facility has been making the highest quality nutritional supplements for the most recognized and well-known brands in the industry. Now, thanks to the Internet, VitaminLab.com can deliver these products directly to you! It is not an exaggeration to say that VitaminLab.com is revolutionizing the vitamin business. Look below and compare the typical fulfillment chain to VitaminLab.com's. vitamins, minerals and herbals