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Who is using the internet?
About 10% of the adults in the United States are using the internet, the average age is 33 years old and approximately one-third of the users are women, though this number is steadily climbing -- an increase of 15% over two years, 40% of the users are married, and the average household income lies around $60,000.

Educational and computer-related occupations account for about two-thirds of the users. However, non-computer science users have been rising steadily since the beginnings of the World Wide Web. Professional occupations account for about 20% and management 10%. Two-thirds of the users have job-related work at home, and half travel during the course of their

Approximately half of the users use the internet from multiple locations, and the other half from home. Two-thirds of the users live in or near a major metropolitan area.

How often are they using the WWW?
Once people get on the internet, apparently, they have a very difficult time stopping! 45% use it from one to four times a day, and 40% use it even more often. 66% say the internet has replaced TV on a weekly basis-- in fact, as of last winter, unit sales of computers has surpassed unit sales of TV's!

Why are they using the WWW?
80% use the internet for browsing, 65% for entertainment, and 50% for work. Shopping has increased 3% in a year to over 14% at present.

Nearly one-quarter of businesses world-wide use the internet, 17% of which use it for research. This number has jumped from 8% in 1995.

Why should you start now?
The key to this venture is to START EARLY. The quicker you establish yourself, the better. The Web is growing by leaps and bounds, but only 25% of businesses have web pages! As the growth increases, businesses experienced with utilizing the vast resources of the Internet will have a definite advantage over those who don't. Truly, there is no time like the present to
begin your company's integration into the communications of the future!

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