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Computer Research & Consulting was founded in 1985 when I finished completing a degree in Economics with a minor in Computer Science/Math from the University of Arizona. Before I had graduated I started consulting for local companies in Tucson. My first big job was writing a check clearing program for the now defunct Pima Savings bank using compiled Basic on a Vax with ISAM (Index Sequential Access Method) files. I started working for the University of Arizona's College of Business & Public Administration in the Economic Science Laboratory, where I supported research in economics and finance using "Experimental Economics", a discipline my former boss founded in the early 1950's (and for which he has been nominated for a Nobel prize).

For twelve years (1985-1997), I used computers to collect and analyze data on human behavior in economics, designed and built two laboratories with networked PCs for research, and developed software to use for both research and teaching. During that time, I consulted for over 30 other universities in 10 different countries on current hardware technologies, the use of the software we had developed, and the use of the overall methodology of "Experimental Economics" in both research and teaching. In 1991 I was asked to be a founding member of a technolgy transfer company formed through the UofA called Cybernomics, Inc. ,whose mission is to commercialize the methods and software developed through the Economic Science Laboratory. In 2000, I resigned from the Board and I no longer have any affiliation with Cybernomics.

In 1995, I was approached by a former colleague, who had completed a degree in Finance, about developing an "option analytics" (mathematical modeling of fair market values of options) program for his firm in Chicago. As with all my side projects, I worked nights and weekends to complete this task of writing a DOS application in C (my current operating environment and programming language at the time). As the program developed, others in that industry became involved, and we soon realized we had a viable commercial product. Soon after that, we came to the realization that we needed to be in the Windows environment to compete at a professional level in the marketplace. In 1996 I took a leave of absence from the UofA, took a two week course in C++, and began to port (basically rewrite the entire program) to a 32 bit C++ version for Windows. In three months (with some help from a programmer I hired), I had coverted almost 50,000 lines of C code to about 10,000 lines of C++ code and a functional Windows application that we started to sell. When my one year leave was up, I decided to take the big plunge and leave the comfortable and secure environment of the university and embark on the entrepreneurial exercise of forming a company with some partners in Chicago, PRIME Analytics, LLC to sell our product, "ProOpticus for Windows".

I began another entrepreneurial venture in 1996 that has developed a 32 bit C++ Windows application for the analysis of writing "covered call" options as an investment strategy. This company, Arizona Financial Software, will be marketing "The Altorfer System for Covered Calls" , along with other software development and financial tools. CRC started hosting web sites in 1997 after realizing the huge growth potential that was starting to take place with businesses on the internet, thus the creation of Internet Services, and here we are!

If you still want to know more about me or the work I have done, see some pictures or a java script running, please check out my personal page.

Shawn LaMaster
Owner, Computer Research & Consulting

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